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WOOZZY - Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzle


 I bought this puzzle for myself. It was one of the most enjoyable puzzles I've ever done. I like that some little pieces are in the shape of animals and leaves mushrooms etc. I kept all those pieces to one side and put them in the puzzle last ... "

✅ Wanda H - Verified Buyer

A Good Memory For You And Your Family

With everybody at home and almost, no one is working it is sometimes hard to find something to do. Time passes really slow and days become longer and longer. Fortunately, you have your family to passe these hard times with you, so why not enjoy that family time doing something to always remember.

We introduce you here The Woodzy, an animal-shaped puzzle not like any other jigsaw puzzle. This beautiful puzzle piece made out of wood is exactly the type of activity to enjoy with your loved one. It is not only a puzzle but also a piece of art that you can mount and remember the moment you enjoyed with your family.

The Woozzy Benefits


    Nothing is interesting
    anymore. You've watched every single movie over and over and it's becoming boring.

    The Woozzy is a new activity to do at home that every member of the family can enjoy. It is unique and different from any other pieces of puzzles out there.


    The Woozzy is more just a jigsaw puzzle, it is a piece of art. When finished you can place it anywhere you want. You can frame it and put it on your desk or display it in your living room. You can also put it on the wall to display.

    It now comes to your imagination to showcase that beautiful piece of art that you worked on.


    Let's face it, last year deprived us of tones of good memories, and even though we are still locked at home, you can now have the power and decision to male this year full of good moments.

    This is why our goal with the Woozzy is to make you start the year with an amazing moment to enjoy with your close one. The puzzle by itself is an experience but once place in your home, it will always remind you of that moment you had.


    If you’re looking for a fun way to train and challenge your brain, there’s no better option than solving a good jigsaw puzzle. This classic hobby is great at improving your short term memory, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail.

    It can be a fun way to release stress in this difficult time.


 We passed one of the hardest years of our life and were forced to stay at home making life boring and very frustrating. Whit all the memories that we missed and all the stress that it caused us, it can sometimes be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is the reason we want you to start that new year with a moment of joy. The Woozzy is made for you to have something new to do other than binge-watching. With that unique jigsaw puzzle, you now have good memories to create with your loved one. On top, it adds a new piece of art that you can display in your home.


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