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Xtensile - Have Limitless Video Angle for Content Creators

Limitless angle of filming possibilities


Artists, content creators, and vloggers, aren't you tired of always having to find the perfect spot to put your smartphone to find the ideal angle for filming? Yes, tripod rings are good, but those limit you to a couple of angles, and constantly changing their position will make you lose time and effort. Plus, the bigger range of filming you want to use would cost you even more. They are also bulky to travel with, again limiting you to film at home.

We introduce you today to a fantastic solution for creating videos.

The Xtensile is an extendable 360° rotation media creation mount that is way more convenient. It can reach very high and rotate on itself to give you a limitless angle of filming possibilities. It will save you a tremendous amount of time to change from one angle to another and is small and compact, allowing you to bring it with you and film anywhere you'd like.

Why content creators love the Xtensile


The Xtensile is specially made for content creators. With a very long extendable and bending arm, plus a 360° rotatable head, you'll be able to film from any desired angle.

Just securely place your smartphone on the phone holder that supports any phone type, small or big, and start filming.


While other phone holders limit you from finding a good angle, they also slow your productivity down when wanting to change the angle.

This 360° phone holder is so well made that it allows you to save time and effort on how easy it is to switch from one angle to another.


Another negative point that other media phone holders have is that the bigger you want them, the more they cost. Most of them would require you to buy more equipment like a ring light or Bluetooth remote.

With the Xtensile, everything that you need is included. It is one model that goes very high. You have LED lights in the back and front, and we've added a distant remote for you to control all that easily.


We know that most content creators love to travel. It is why the Xtensile is made easy for you to carry into your bag and start filming from anywhere you want.

We understand that filming on your smartphone is more than a hobby but a career for most of you. Stacking a ton of books on top of each other to film at a perfect height is annoying and having to pause, find another angle and play back can be very time-consuming. On top of that, always having to upgrade your equipment can cost you a lot, and no way you'll find the place in your luggage for all that.

It is why the Xtensile is the perfect tool to have for your content creation journey. In just a couple of seconds, you'll find the ideal filming angle that you can easily change if you want to. It's an all-in-one that will save you on unnecessary and costly equipment and perfectly fit any handbag.




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