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Swaim - Improve Swimming at Home


I love using this training belt. It is comfortable and pretty easy to use. I feel confident with it's thickness, and I won't swim in the pool any other way now. Preferring open water swimming, pushing off the walls are annoying and disruptive to my rhythm. This belt is great for continuous swimming with no interruption "

✅ Karen K. Gates - Verified Buyer



Ever wondered how people get amazingly good at swimming? They do it by the simple fact of training. Like with any skill, training is essential to get better at it. With swimming, it gets a bit more difficult because of the fact that not everybody has access to an open water source to practice as much as they need. Courses or renting a big swimming pool can cost a lot of money. Swimming without proper training can also cause severe injuries that will prevent you even more.

Today, we introduce you to the Swaim, a swimming practice belt that lets you practice in your small backyard swimming pool. By attaching it to your waist from one side and firmly on a pole from the other, you'll be able to practice any drill to improve endurance, posture, and even better breathing. Using the Swaim will also prevent you from serious injuries.





Swimming is one of many activities that demand a pretty big pool or open water to enable you to practice. Unfortunately, you are limited to a relatively small pool like the one in your backyard. 

With this swimming belt, you'll be able to practice drills in your swimming pool, whether small or medium size. The bungee-like elastic rope attached to your waist allows you to swim stationary and do as much training as you want, thus not being limited by the small space you have.




Drills are one of the best ways to develop any skill you want. Repetition and good concentration make you better

The Swaim swimming belt allows you to practice with better stability by making your body stationary. You'll be able to focus more on what you are trying to achieve. Improve your endurance, for example, or even get better at swimming on your back.




Like any physical activity, you are prone to get yourself injured. While proper training can prevent that, our Swaim belt can, even more, protect you from thus injuries.

The belt can do so by having your body enduring a small amount of resistance, thus experiencing micro stretching while training. Stretching is an excellent way to prevent injuries.




Taking courses or sessions at a private swimming pool can be an excellent way to improve your skill, but those can cost you a lot of money and time.

Using the Swaim practice belt allows you to practice with the pool that you already own and all that in the comfort of your backyard.


With summer and a sunny sky around the corner, we know that many people are ready to hit the swimming pool. Swimming is one of the best skills to develop because it makes your whole body move, thus making you stronger. We know that many people are limited to being better at swimming. Public pools are not for training, and not everyone lives next to the beach. Plus, private pools will cost you a lot for a small amount of time.

It is why the combination of your already own small pool and the Swaim is the solution for you. Train as much as you need, even at night. You'll get better and be able to beat your friends in a swimming contest when going to the beach. Your body will be more robust to prevent any injuries you don't want, and you won't spend substantial time and well-earned money developing that incredible skill.



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