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WHEELER - DIY Wooden Marble Run Building Kits


Great way to keep my son off video games. He is 12 and is a smart kid so it only took him 3 days to build. He did break one piece but was able to use glue to fix."

✅ Jessica Benavidez - Verified Customer 

A New Fun Activity!

Want something fun to pass the time during these difficult days? Since you're always stuck at home, nothing is better than building something for you and your family and be able to have a good time.

Introducing the WHEELER, a Do-It-Yourself marble run that is made for you and your kids to enjoy assembling and play with. This fun activity gives you tons of building hour time, and the finished project is made to be able to display, or you can let your kids play.

The Wheeler's Benefits


    The Wheeler is made for you to do other than just getting one already made. It is always more fun when you create what is around you. It comes with all the tools and detailed manual instructions for you to assemble perfectly.


    It is not like any Do-it-yourself game. It is a puzzle. Puzzles are known to do good to our brains, especially for kids. They improve problem-solving skills and, most importantly, your memory. It also helps to deal with stress which is a big problem all over the world right now.


    This wooden marble run is made to bring you closer to your family. Doing something with someone you love makes it ten times more fun. Instead of having every person in your family bored, you can now do something all together and spend a good quality time during these difficult days.



    With you having to stay home for safety, you are limited to the amount of activity you can do. That is why this activity is the perfect way for you to fill the time you have done nothing or do the same things over and over.


We know, having to stay home all day is very frustrating and can sometimes affect us. Finding something to do other than watching tv all the time can be challenging, and especially for kids, we don't want them to get stuck on their computers and video games all the time.

Our goal with the Wheeler is to prevent those things from happening by introducing you to a better way to have fun. With this activity, you will be able to deboard yourself and spend wonderful hours with your loved ones. It's a new activity and a new game.


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"I think the greatest thing about this puzzle is the fact that the parts are laser cut and very, very precise. I am 87 years old and this was my first try at something like this"

✅ Diane Walter - Verified Customer 



  • Beautiful Package.
  • Pre-cut Wood Sheets.
  • Steel Balls + Accessory Tools.
  • English Instruction Manual.
  • Wood Pieces: 219 - 233 pcs

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