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WOOSH - Hooded Dog Raincoat


More Protection, More Fun

Let's face it, having that walk every day for your dog is the best thing ever. It benefits you and your pet at the same time. Your dog's health is the most important thing to you, it is like your child.

Unfortunately, rainy days can sometimes be difficult for your dog. While some are genetically equipped for all the wetness and the cold, for your short-haired dog is a no-no.

We here introduce you to The Woosh, a raincoat made especially for your breed of dog that allows him to always have his walk and be protected. You will now see your best friend having fun and enjoying the rain like it's no problem. It is like getting him/her a new toy to play with.

Even if your dog has long hair you can now save time not having to dry your dog and anyway they'll for sure now look 10 times cooler.

The Woosh's Benefits


    Not all dog breeds are naturally well protected against the cold. The ones that have long hair are of course more protected than the short-haired ones.

    This dog raincoat is made for your dog to go out even when it's raining outside. You will no longer need to worry about him/her getting sick while enjoying the daily walk.


    Like buying your dog a new toy, getting that raincoat will make your favorite animal happier. You can now introduce him/her to a bunch of new activities that normally can not be done due to cold and rainy weather.



    A happy dog means a happier you. With this raincoat, never again you will allow yourself to leave your pet at home while you can run in the rain. Your dog can now always be with you, thus bringing him closer to you.


    This water-resistant raincoat covers most parts of your dog's body and with a hoodie, it also covers their head. Even if your dog can support the cold rainy weather, you can now save time having to dry your dog.

It is time for your daily walk, you look into the window, and its raining. You can't bring your dog with you because you're worried if he/she is going to get sick. Then comes the crying and of course you don't want your pet to cry. they're alone at home and can't have fun with you.

Fortunately, you decided to take action by getting your best friend that raincoat. Today, you don't need to worry anymore about rainy days, you'll have your buddy to pass them with you without any problem. You'll no more feel bad to leave your dog with no daily walk. They can now enjoy the rain for the first time in their life and fill you with even more joy than ever.


Size Chart

size   XS  XL 2XL 
 back  length  22cm  26cm  30cm  35cm  40cm  42cm
 bust   34cm  40cm  46cm  50cm  54cm  58cm
 leg  18cm  20cm  22cm  24cm  26cm  28cm


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