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Sonik - Portable Electric Sonic Dental Scaler

" I brush my teeth twice daily but I forget to floss as much as I should. So my teeth were getting buildup and stained in between. I’m very conscious of my smile so I tried white strips and while they whitened my teeth they didn’t help the crack in between. So I decided to give this stain callus remover a try. It was super easy to use and priced so reasonably. I don’t have to wait for my dental hygienist to clean my teeth I can now just do it myself at home. It has several different modes to choose from, I like the medium setting unless I have a troublesome area. It’s so convenient ! "

✅ Marie Guilles - Verified Buyer




First impressions are essential when meeting new people, from strangers you meet at a party or introducing yourself for an important interview. One key element that people seem to notice first is your smile. Your smile is essential, and clean and friendly dental health is necessary. Calculus or Tartar is inevitable. How hard you clean and floss your teeth; there will always be some, resulting in bad breath and a less attractive smile. Sure, you can go to a dental hygienist, but it can be very costly.

Rest assured, we have a great solution to remedy that.

This is the Sonik, an electric dental scaler that you can use in the comfort of your bathroom. It removes calculus and cleans your teeth to look amazing. You'll be able to save tons and improve bad breath on the go.




As much as you take care of your teeth, there will always be remains of calculus stuck in parts of your mouth you can't reach. The Sonik is equipped with a fine metallic peace that uses vibration to break the tartar between your teeth and gums.



Of course, you can see a dental hygienist, but are you ready to spend all that money? A cleaning session can cost you up to 200$, and they recommend you to go twice a year.

The Sonik electric dental scaler will allow you to keep this money in your pocket and maybe invest it in yourself.




Tartar can make it harder to brush and floss as you should. This can lead to cavities and tooth decay. This can also result in more money spent on fixing your teeth and causes bad breath that no one wants.

Using the Sonik will help you preventthese dental problems and unnecessary and costly appointments to the dentist.




Calculus is a layer that forms around your teeth and gums and results in a hard plaque. The combination of calculus and food particles in your mouth creat bad and unpleasant breath.

The Sonik scaler will help improve bad breath by removing the undesired plaque in your mouth, only leaving the fresh minty breath that you love so much when brushing your teeth daily.




By removing the calculus around your teeth and gums, you expose the parts that want to be shown in your teeth. This is what a nice smile is, clean and visible from all the unnecessary plaque building up and hiding it.

Your smile can tell a lot about yourself, and having a clean and beautiful smile for a first impression is crucial. One of the main reasons for not having a good-looking and healthy smile is the formation of calculus plaque around your teeth. It is unhygienic, procures terrible breath, prevents proper teeth cleaning, and is very costly to remove.

This at-home dental scaler does just that. You'll have a fantastic smile.

No more having to talk far from the people you're talking to due to bad breath. You'll be able to properly take care of your teeth now that no plaque prevents you from adequately brushing and flossing them. On top of cleaning them yourself at home, you saved on other dental problems that cost even more to fix. Have an incredible smile that showcases yourself well.


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