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ClickPad - Steering Wheel Smartphone Media Controller


 " It works fine with the iPhone 13, no problem with connecting with the device. Very comfortable rubber buttons. Makes it easy to operate your phone when you want to keep your hands on the wheel it’s much safer than looking at your phone in order to change the music. "

✅ Barbara Jordan - Verified Buyer


Aren't you tired of constantly picking up your smartphone and trying to find your next song? This does not just interrupt your driving but can be very dangerous on the road. What about taking a chance that a cop car spots you, resulting in a costly ticket that you surely don't want.

Rest assured, we have a fantastic solution for you!

This is the ClickPad, a Bluetooth device that simply connects to your smartphone and lets you navigate your music with no reach. You clip it to your steering wheel or stick it anywhere you want and use it. You can even control your volume levels easily—no need to have your phone in hand anymore. You'll be safe from any danger, your eyes on the road, and probably save on unnecessary tickets.



Most cars nowadays have no media controller connected directly to their steering wheel, and it can be a hassle always to have to take your phone and find the right song or rewind a part of your favorite ebook while driving. Some come with a screen for that, but when using an app like maps, for example, it can be time-consuming.

The ClickPad solves this problem with ease. It is a media button that you install on your dashboard or steering wheeland connects through Bluetooth to easily control your songs or other media. Place it where you feel the most comfortable with it, and that's it.


There is a reason why you shouldn't be using your phone while driving. 1.6 million car crashes are directly caused by phone usage behind the wheels.

With the ClickPad installed, you can prevent any accident on the road, keeping you and your loved one safe and secure. Keep your eyes on the road.


The cost of an average fine for phone usage while driving is about 500$. Now, who would want to pay that for literally no reason? No one, of course. Plus, you lose points on your driving license that can get your driving license revoked. All that for a simple song you wanted to hear.

You'll no longer have to worry about that when using this simple media controller button. Keep your money in your pockets and your driver's license intact.


The ClickPad can be used in many ways due to its minimalistic usage and design. Use it on your motorcycle where it is almost impossible to change your music.

Many use it while walking their baby in the park by having it attached to their stroller and properly focusing on their child's safety

We all know that using our smartphones while driving is not the best idea, yet most people will admit to always doing it. It is just the simplest way to have your favorite song playing or need to fast forward something. That, of course, comes with significant risks. We can easily distract ourselves from the road and create danger or expose ourselves to getting fined and losing money.

The ClickPad is the perfect solution to prevent those undesirable things. You'll never have to touch your phone while driving again due to its practical and straightforward usage. No more fines to pay just for the simple fact that you change a song, and most importantly, no more exposure to danger that can go bad for you and your surroundings. Use it for your favorite playlist anywhere you need to.

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