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"This camera is great! The picture quality is great, and the light is great to use as a fill light. it can make it seem like you are using a softbox! This is a good fit for Zoom meetings, Skype, Video creation, and live streaming. It is a good bang for buck purchase."

✅ Denis Frank - Verified Customer


Introducing The Beginner Streaming Webcam

Want to start streaming and showcase your talent? Well, here is a solution that will help you start without spending a lot of money. The Beginner Streaming Webcam is designed for new streamers. Equipped with an adjustable ring light around the 1080p camera and a double mic to make your voice clear, this webcam is what you need to start easily.



Why This Webcam Will Benefit Your Streaming Journey!


    As you can see this webcam is not like any webcam, it makes light on top of filming. But what is light if you can't control it. This is why the ring light is brightness adjustable. Whit the touch click on the ring light itself, you can choose between three levels of brightness, so you can always control depending on the situation that you're filming in.

    Plus the webcam is equipped with a 180° degree adjustable base that can be placed anywhere you want and can be easily mounted on a tripod. The camera also can be 360° Horizontally rotated.


    The Ring Light Streaming Webcam is not only providing you proper brightness but also provides a double microphone integrated into the webcam itself. The dual mics are a plus to your streaming experience, allowing your audience to hear you clearly.


    While the Ring Light Streaming Webcam's price is very competitive on other regular webcams on the market, this webcam will allow you to save even more. It allows you to save on other expensive equipment. Here, your equipment all comes in one product. A webcam for filming, a ring light for controlled brightness, and a dual microphone for clear audio recording.

The Beginner Streaming Webcam is the gadget to have as a new streamer. Whether you play video games, do music/instrument concerts or any other kind of stream, this Ring Light Webcam will help you start more efficiently without spending a lot of money.



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