STIX - Mobile Gaming Joystick Controller

This has got to be one of the most amazing inventions. Works perfect, IT FINALLY FEELS GREAT TO PLAY A GAME ON MY PHONE vs game console bc of this product. Just like holding a game controller

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Play Games on your Phone Just Like a Console Controller

Video games are getting more and more popular and since a couple of years became a very competitive sport with some new game modes like battle-royal. Unfortunately, video game consoles and games are getting more expensive by the years.

Fortunately, there is a less expensive way to play video games, smartphones. Everyone has a smartphone these days, and games are most of the time free. The problem with smartphones is that a touch screen is not the easiest way to play.

Here comes The STIX, a mobile gaming joystick controller. This 4 part device will allow you or your children to play your favorite games on your smartphone, just like a console controller.

Benefits of The Mobile Gaming Joystick Controller


    This 4 part mobile device will allow you to play on your smartphone just like a real console controller. It is like playing on a real console controller that you always have on the go.

    The gamepad will reduce hand fatigue, plus the two top buttons are placed on top of the phone where your index fingers are. The smartphone and parts are all attached to the controller base for better grip.


    Most consoles nowadays are very expensive and game prices are rising every year. The STIX gives you an alternative way to play video games on the smartphone you already own. Plus most smartphone games are free or cost very little.

    Nowadays consoles are big, bulky, and take time to start and start playing. Having this mobile controller allows you to play with the click of one button, being that your smartphone is always turned on.


    The gamepad joystick and the two top buttons are made to be extra sensitive to give you a better gaming experience. The gamepad joystick will also work perfectly with the game built-in sensitivity that you can change to how you like.

    This gives you an edge on your competition that won't be playing with this device. It will be easier for you and harder for them.


    The STIX is made to work with IOS, Android, or any other type of smartphone. No need to choose between what console you want because your favorite smartphone becomes your favorite gaming station.

    The two index buttons can be tightened to be fixed on any phone without shaking, and the gamepad can be extended to accommodate your device.

The STIX, mobile gaming joystick controller will allow you to play on your smartphone just like playing on a console, but now don't need much to play. No need for a super expensive console or games and you now can play whenever you want and wherever you are in a matter of seconds

You can now say goodbye to uncomfortable gaming positions and slipping your hands while playing, you are now playing on your new smartphone console controller, making you a better player.


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