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HighZ - Hair & Facial High-Frequency Device

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I have started using the therapy wand and I am thrilled! I have only been using it for less than a week and I already notice some change in my face and neck. I also use it with a top brand skin lifting cream and my skin is soft and starting to firm up. GREAT MACHINE!!!"

✅ Diane Glassel - Verified Buyer

New Skin, New You!

Your face is an essential part of you when it comes to how people perceive you, and for most, you want people to think of you positively. Unfortunately, life's natural flow doesn't always beautifully treat your skin, from blackheads and acne to rough skin and wrinkles.

Fortunately, we here present you the HighZ. A High-frequency facial system that delivers safe and gentle oscillating oxygenating power of electrical currents. These currents are 'high frequency' and have many functions and benefits, such as giving you softer and smoother skin, reducing acne and blackheads, and promoting hair growth. All these benefits will result in you having more confidence.

The HighZ's Benefits


    High-frequencies help with better circulation of blood cells. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body. Increasing the blood flow in your face also increased collagen production to get smoother and softer skin.

    In addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps carry away waste.


    High-frequencies also produce heat and oxygen deliverance properties that assist in killing stubborn acne bacteria under the skin. The enriched oxygen molecules produced by high-frequency are safe and have been proven to help restore the skin’s health.

    Plus, these enriched oxygen molecules penetrate deep into the areas affected by blackheads and enlarged pores to get rid of them.


    High frequency improves hair growth through various mechanisms. First, it stimulates the hair follicle, thereby helping the development of new hairs. Second, it improves blood circulation and provides sufficient nutrition to the growing hairs.


    With that said, the HighZ will give you more than all of the benefits mentioned above. This tool will of course make you look radiant but will most importantly increase your confidence.

    It is a sad truth that we will all have to pass through. Acne, blackhead, or lousy skin and wrinkle is no fun at all. You get shy and feel like people are always judging you, and let's face it, that is not the first impression to show people, especially on special occasions.

    Our goal with the HighZ Hair & Facial High-Frequency Device is to give you confidence. By reducing your acne, blackhead and bringing that glow and smoothness back to your skin, plus giving your hair a new life, you can achieve that and more.

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How to use

Package Includes

                     - High-Frequency device
                      - Mushroom glass
                      - Comb glass
                      - Bent glass
                      - Tongue glass
                      - Manual instructions

Note: The four glass parts of the device come transparent and are filled with Neon gas that is combined with the high frequencies for better results. That gas glow when in contact with the skin and is 100% safe.

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