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WIRED - Heavy Full Body Workout Jumping Rope


"Ever since I bought the weighted jump rope, it been a new experience in exercise. Unlike regular jump ropes this one puts all your muscle at work. I had to get used to it and I feel myself even more tired and more aware. Overall a great product workout equipment, would recommend to buy."

✅ S. Hendrix - Verified Buyer

Lose Weight, Get Leaner, Build Muscles

Whether you're just beginning your fitness journey or trying to add a new challenge to your already fit body, you are in the right place

We introduce you to The Wired, a heavy full-body workout jumping rope that comes in three different thicknesses and weights. While each rope is specially designed for the type of results that you want to achieve, every rope will bring you common benefits. Just like lifting weights, the rope will give you strength, make you lose weight, will build your muscle, and of course, is great for cardio. It's a workout all by itself.

The Wired Benefits


    Just like any jumping rope will increase your cardio. It improves your coordination and boosts your metabolism to increase your overall endurance. The added weight will double up your results because you are pushing harder on the rope.

    The 25mm rope is recommended for cardio and endurance training. It is also really popular for beginners.


    Losing weight was never easier. The Wired rope is the perfect exercise to efficiently burning fat. You can see it as if you were running but with weight on you.

    If you're looking for a lean shape, we recommend the 38mm rope. This one will is slightly heavier, letting you cut fat and add a touch of muscle to your body.


    With this heavy jumping rope, you are doing more than just jumping. You're lifting. The weight of the rope makes your muscles work, thus increasing your muscle mass.

    For better muscle results, 50mm is your go-to rope. It is very popular among heavy lifters.


    Whatever rope is better suited for you, all rope brings you a full-body workout that brings you weight loss, enhances your cardio, and builds your muscle all at the same time. It is like a full gym workout in one exercise.

With gyms not accessible at the moment, it can be hard to have a good workout to achieve your new year's resolutions. whether it is losing weight or gaining muscle, it is almost impossible with limited equipment.

Our goal with the Wired rope is to allow you to do a gym workout just like being at the gym. You can now lose weight, build muscle, and enhance your cardio with one simple exercise.


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