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Genuine Rex Rabbit Knitted Hooded Scarf for Women


"Excellent hat-scarf. There is no smell, the fur is a natural rabbit, the quality is good. Not very thick, I think..."

✅ S. Hendrix - Verified Buyer

Be Protected and Unique During this Magical Season

With winter getting colder and windy every day, staying warm can be a challenge. Most coats don't do a great job at keeping you warm and the one that does can cost a lot. Plus, coats do not cover your neck properly, and it forces you to get a scarf.

Fortunately, we here have a solution to keep your hair and your neck warm and protected and will add a dash of style to your outfit when you go out.

This knitted hooded scarf is made of pure Rex Rabbit fur with no artificial fur added. It is soft and thick to keep your head and neck always protected from the frosty wind that can easily damage your hair.

The Benefits That comes with That Hooded Scarf


    As much as winter can be beautiful, cold weather and frosty wind can be dangerous for your health. This Hooded Scarf is made of genuine rex rabbit fur providing a heavenly soft feel, and extreme warmth to your head, protecting you from being sick. The combination of the head hoodie and scarf is made to protect you from your neck to the top of your head.

    It also the perfect way to completely protect delicate hair from harsh winds and cold weather.


    This hooded scarf is very original and having it will make you look unique. It is made of rabbit fur which is extremely popular, thanks to its soft feel, beauty, versatility, and affordable price. It is also lightweight and of course very warm. We here offer you five different colors to choose from and compliment your desired style.


    Expensive branded coats don't always protect your head properly
    , having you add extra layers. They also certainly won't protect your neck at all, forcing you to buy an extra scarf.

    This is why our Rabbit Fur Hooded Scarf is a good way to protect you against cold wind and at the same time protect your wallet, saving you a lot of money.

Nobody likes heavy cold weather but winter can most of the time feel wonderful and having to get sick during this magical time of the year due to cold can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, winter equipment can most of the time cost you a fortune, and keeping you warm is a priority.

This is why we presented you with The Genuine Rex Rabbit Knitted Hooded Scarf for Women, this beautiful and soft feeling piece of clothes. It does more than just protecting you against cold frosty weather, it gives you the ability to protect your head, neck, and your hair and saves you a lot of money for more winter activities.

It will also make you look unique and original.


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