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"A pretty handbag for a smartphone, two pockets inside, through a transparent window, the smartphone reacts to the touch, sent very fast, we are satisfied"

✅ Narvina Hart - Verified Customer

Ladies, You'll Never Buy A Case Again!

Introducing The Smartphone Touch Purse

The most beautiful way to carry your phone and protecting it at the same time. This gorgeous purse is designed for you to use your phone and not having to take it out every time.

Even if having a case is okay, dropping your phone all the time is still damaging it. This purse will always be attached to your shoulder, so no worries your phone will never hit the ground.

The touch screen part of the purse is very sensitive to the finger, making it easy to use your phone.

Reasons Why This Purse Will Benefit You Forever!

  • Multifunctional

    You carry your phone and your purse whenever you go out, so now a simpler way to have both always attached to your shoulder at any time. Plus, you'll have an extra pocket to put anything you like.

    This purse is made for you to enjoy the luxury of it while having a new way to use your phone and protecting it.

  •  Gorgeous purse

    With an amazing design and four vibrant colors, your look will always be on top. Chose the one that compliments your style the most.

    Having a case or a bag for your phone does not need to be simple and none pleasant to the eye. This is why our phone purse is made to enjoy it as a style accessory.

  • Durable material

    The Smartphone Purse is made of PU Leather a faux leather that is more durable than regular synthetic leather, like PVC. It is not likely to crack or peel and, it is water-resistant so don't mind a rainy day.

    Having good materials gives you better confidence when using our purse because it will always look great, and assures a better experience.

  • Shoulder Strap

    This purse is equipped with a shoulder strap so it is always attached to you. It is made in a way to not fall on the ground when dropping it and stays hanging to your body.

    The purse is made that way, for you to also use it as a protection for smartphones. It is always attached to your shoulder and the phone never leaves your purse.

Whether you need a way to well protect your phone, or you want to add a new touch of style to it, our Gorgeous Smartphone Purse is the new way to go. It is perfect for walking your dog, or a nice touch to a new outfit you have.

For whatever reason, it is 
the perfect way to take care of your mobile. So say goodbye to dropping your phone and "Hello" to your phone well protected in your purse.


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