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EmPaw - Have the Advantage on Competition for Mobile Gaming


This has been great for mobile gaming! It grips my phone nicely so I don’t feel like it will fall off and the analog stick cover is so cute! I like that I can charge my phone while I use it so I don’t have to pick between playing and charging. It also needs no batteries or charging itself! "

✅ Megan Patton - Verified Buyer


Mobile gaming is getting more and more popular, and while it is an excellent way to play anywhere you want with a device you already own, it can come with some downsides. Playing on a small screen can get your thumbs constantly slipping out of their place and give you a bad gaming experience, plus a disadvantage compared to your competition.

We have a great solution that you will love!

The EmPaw is a mini gamepad joystick that you attach to your smartphone and give you the ability to have a better gaming experience on mobile. It will allow you to play a better game, thus giving you an advantage over your competition. With a joystick, you have a better grip than having your finger on your screen. It will also give you a larger field of view to fully see every little detail and make it more comfortable.



Having a joystick to play with instead of your fingers on the screen already gives you a better grip, but it doesn't stop there.

The EmPaw joystick is equipped with a paw-shaped grip that even a regular console gamepad doesn't have to provide you with even more grip, thus not slipping your finger out.


Comfort is everything when playing video games. It gives you more concentration and a better playing experience. It is why our EmPaw is a joystick extension to your smartphone. It gives you more space between your hands to play instead of having them very close to each other.

This also gives you an advantage over console players that usually play with a compact controller, knowing that most games now offer cross-platform multiplayer.


One of mobile gaming's most significant downsides is that you play on a small screen, and your hand takes a big part of that view away. Again, by having a joystick extension, you allow yourself a greater field of view, thus not missing any little detail of the game.




As much as we like mobile gaming, having a console is sometimes a better way to play video games, but those can go for a high price that not everybody can afford.

The EmPaw joystick allows you to have that same home console experience with a device (your smartphone) that you already own. Mobile gaming can even be better with a non-slip joystick, an extensive view on your screen, and even better comfort than with a console controller. Save your money and still play like you are playing in your home.



Mobile gamers, aren't you tired of playing on a relatively smaller screen than the people you are playing against? Or having your shot missed just for the annoying fact that your fingers slipped out of the sweaty screen? And what about how it is uncomfortable to play with your hands, one close to the other? All of that ruins your gaming experience and makes you want to spend a bunch of money on an expensive console.

Keep that hard-earned money in your pocket!

The EmPaw is the mobile gaming tool you need for a console-like and home-like experience that gives you an edge on the competition. No more missed collectibles hiding behind your own fingers. Be more concentrated when dealing with final bosses due to more comfort and having a solid grip to punch that final blow you've been trying so hard to achieve.





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