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Kids Storybook Torch - Children's Lamp Projector Night Light Educational Toys

"My almost 5 years old love her lamp. It is great for bedtime. After we read her a book she likes to turn on her lamp and go thru the stories. This encourage her imagination. I highly recommend it."

✅ Sandra Zeller - Verified Buyer

Your Children Will Love Going to Bed!

As a parent, your child education and well being is the most important thing to you. While it can be difficult to educate them in a society of tablets and smartphones, there are some approaches that you can take to assure their mental well-being.

Introducing the Kids Storybook Torch, a small lamp for kids that projects stories on the wall for your child to enjoy before bedtime. Introducing colored images at a young age help in the development of your loved ones. It is also a lamp for them to be able to be careful in the dark.

The Children's Storybook Lamp Projector Benefit's


    According to research studiescolors carry critical importance in developing the cognitive and motor skills of children. This kid's projector use colored drawing, mainly to help stimulate their brain at a young age.


    Though we live in a world surrounded by artificial light like smartphones and computers that can harm your child, it does not need to be that way.

    That is why we use a lamp light source to project images to the wall, for you to not have to use your phone, which can be harmful to the eyes, especially for children.


    It is always reassuring for a kid to have a nightlamp at their side when they go to sleep. This projector is also a small lamp that they can carry if they ever want to go to the toilet. They will always be able to see where they step properly.

It is a 24 hours job to take care of your children and can sometimes be overwhelming. You always worry about their safety and, of course, their learning.

Our goal with the Children's Storybook Lamp Projector is to enable your child's development at that young age while being able to keep them safe and healthy and, of course, have fun.



Product Include

  • Projector Lamp
  • 8 Story disc
  • StoryBook (with all 8 Stories)



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