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ARC - Home Fitness Full-Body Resistance Bands Bow

Very Satisfied!!! The Bow is built like a tank. I've put it through its paces and I love it. The grip is great, not too thin or thick, very comfortable in the hands, and the finish is also grippy so it never slips when your hands are sweaty. I love the variety of bands included for varied resistance. It's very good quality and I see no point buying a more expensive brand name."

✅Erik Raina - Verified Customer 

A Gym-Like Experience at Home

Having to stay at home can impact your mental health, and with gyms closed, taking care of it becomes a challenge. A gym at home is nice but can be bulky and takes a lot of space. On top of that, a bench can cost you alone 500$, and dumbells are sold by weight.

We present you with a new solution for you to enjoy your daily gym routine at home with no need for a lot of space and at a fraction of the price.

The ARC is an all-in-one home fitness full-body resistance bands bow that allows you to have a gym experience at home. The bow combines a weightlifting bar and resistance bands to work for every major muscle group without the weight and bulk of traditional home gym systems.

This Full-Body Bands Bow comes with a Lot of Benefits


    What makes the ARC unique is the bow. It acts as a bar that makes your exercise feel more complete. Having resisting bands by itself limits you from obtaining the right exercise.

    You can now squat and deadlifts the proper way and have more options than just using dumbells for your bicep exercises.


    The ARC brings you the advantage of being able to workout anytime and anywhere. Most gyms do not open every time of the day, which can be sometimes challenging when having a strict schedule. The bow has 3 parts that you assemble and disassemble, making it easy to carry everywhere.


    You can be easily be limited by how much weight you want when using dumbells or bands by themself.

    This is what makes The Bands Bow very unique. The bow can take up to 4 resistance bands at once, giving you a wide variety of weights to work with. You can get up to 350 lbs of weight.


    Gyms are closed and equipment can cost you a lot of money to have your gym at home.

    The ARC will save you a ton of money on the equipment that you normally need. With the large variety of exercises that this device covers, you do not need to spend any more on other equipment.

Let's face it, gyms are nowhere near reopening soon, and even though, it is probably better to stay at home and well protected. It is what it is. This surely comes with a big challenge for us to stay healthy and in great shape. Having a gym at home can be very bulky, takes a lot of space, and can cost you a fortune.

We here present you the best way for you to enjoy a gym-like experience at home that brings you more than just exercises. The fitness bow gives you the ability to stay fit, and still have control of your sessions. You can choose when and where you want to exercise and also saves you a lot of money.


Product specification

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Carbon steel + NBR
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Elastic rope: 10/15/20/25/30LBS (TPE)

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