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BarkyPeace - Humane Anti Barking Dog Collar



" If I could give this product 50 stars I would!
Product does exactly what it is designed for! Our neighbors have to be so thankful! Look no further and purchase this product. Our Pom would stand in the back yard barking at any and everything. We have not heard her bark outside or inside since purchasinging this product! I highly recommend you give these collars a try. They are easy to set up and battery life seems to be great as well! "

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Having a furry pet can be difficult sometimes, and one of the most annoying things about our little friend is the consistent barking. It is sometimes hard to enjoy a peaceful time in your own house or even invite some friends home due to your dog. Sure, you can get him one of those anti-barking training devices, but those come with electric shock technologies, and who would want to put that around your little puppy. That's inhumane.

Luckily we have a game-changing solution for you!

Introducing the BarkyPeace, a totally humane way of training your dogs barking. The BarkyPeace uses vibration and sound technologies to control the barking. Place it on his neck like any dog collar, and it automatically activates with seven sensitivity levels, depending on how much they bark. You'll be able to enjoy tranquility and peace of mind, plus it comes with reflectable lines to ensure their total safety.





You wish your dog wouldn't bark so much, so our dog collar does precisely that. When your little one bark, it immediately detects and activates, training them to slow down on the barking.

It uses 7 level sensitivity adjustment technologies depending on how much they bark until they stop. It only activates when your dog bark, sensing not with sound but with the vibration your dog produces when barking. This will ensure that the device is only activated when needed.






Outdated training devices use electric shocks to make your best friend stop barking, but we think that it is inhumane. Why would someone use any sort of device on their favorite pet?

Rest assured, BarkyPeace uses a new tech that is entirely dog friendly. This device uses only vibration and sound that triggers the dog when barking and will not hurt them.



Less barking means less noise, resulting in a more peaceful environment. You'll now be able to enjoy the tranquility and calmness you want and still enjoy your furry friend's presence. It will now be easier to have some friends home or watch a movie without the constant unnecessary noise.




The BarkyPeace is equipped with two reflective lines that can be seen in the dark for extra safety for your dog. You'll be able to always have an eye on them even at night, procuring you less stress and peace of mind.

We don't call them man's best friend for no reason. You love your dog, and it is like a child for you. As much as we love them, they can sometimes be annoying, like when they excessively bark. You also deserve a bit of calmness when needed. Electric shock device is a no-no. We wouldn't want to do that to your dog. On the contrary, we want safety for them.

It is why you need the BarkyPeace. No more loud barking 24/7. Enjoy a peaceful moment with your favorite friend in the most humane way possible. Have some people at your place in a tranquil environment while always having an eye on your lovely dog.


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