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Inferno Torch - Windproof Outdoor Turbo Lighter Torch Camping Gadget

Carbon Fiber/Gold

This is the best gadget i ever bought this year. i use it mainly for when I go camping that i do a lot but also use it for a lot of things in the house. Thank you very much."

✅ Frank Martin - Verified Customer 

Your New Camping Compagnon

Since we discovered fire, men have been fascinated with it for a bunch of stuff. We cook amazing streaks with it, make fires, and use it a lot to repair and build things.

Unfortunately, fire is mainly sold in small lighters that can't do much but light small things. Plus, once your lighter is empty, you throw it and always need to buy another one. We as men need something that can make our lives easier and more enjoyable for the activities that we so much love to do.

Introducing the Inferno Torch, an all-use windproof outdoor torch flame that gives you all you desire for your fire needs. It is compact and robust, it let you adjust your desired fire level, plus it has a beautiful premium design to it. But the most important part is that it's safe.

The Inferno Torch Benefit's


    This is not a lighter, it is a torch. It can easily light a fire when you are camping, just like it can start your BBQ. It is great for fast-burning big or small items since the torch levels can be controlled with a simple switch.

    Overall it is a great gadget to have and can bring and help you in many ways.


    The Inferno Torch is windproof, making it the best tool to have when going camping.

    The torch design, combined with the force of the flame, makes it difficult for the wind to blow it off. It's 10 times easier to light something than with regular small lighters.


    Using fire can always be dangerous. This is why the Inferno Torch is designed with three layers of safety protection and experienced 20 process quality inspections. It is also equipped with a lock for the ignition button that prevents it from accidentally turning on.

    Your safety is essential for us, and we make sure that every lighter is well tested before shipped.

 Now that we can go back to our social life and properly breath and enjoy nature, why not make it easier and simpler. There is not a lot of gadget that you can use for many purposes like our Inferno Torch.

You can now lite a fire or turn on your BBQ very quickly. You can now cut anything you need to with this laser flame torch and, at the same time being able to grill yourself some marshmallows to enjoy that fire.

We made Inferno Torch thinking about mother nature. It is light and compact for you to bring it anywhere you need it to, plus just like mentioned earlier, it is a very safe product to use.



: Metal 
Size: 170*35mm/6.7*1.4inch
Net Weight: 170g
Flame Type: Torch Flame (windproof)
Fuel: Butane Gas

Package includes:
1* Butane Torch Pen Lighter

Please note:
To comply with the regulation, all lighters are empty.You will need to refill them with a butane gas tank before use.


 * Refilled by gas at first use because the lighter is empty due to shipping regulations. (Butane Not Included)

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