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Tiny Soles Size Chart

Tiny Soles Sizing Guide


✔ The age reference for each shoe is just a rough guide. To get a size that fits as accurately as possible, please follow the steps outlined in this page.

✔ Please allow 0.5-1 cm extra for the perfect fit. For example: Your baby's foot was 11cm, you would get a shoe that fits 12cm comfortably.

How To Measure Their Foot

Step 1: Prepare

Begin by grabbing a piece of paper, a pencil or pen and a ruler to measure the foot length.

Place the piece of paper hard up against the wall, with their heel also up against the wall (at the edge of the paper).


Step 2: Outline The Foot

Next, trace the precise shape of your baby's foot. Make sure their toes are out straight, and not curled.

Be sure to keep your drawing utensil directly up and down, and not angled.


Step 3: Measure The Foot Length

Finally, once you have traced their exact foot shape... use a ruler to accurately measure the length of the foot.

Be sure to keep the ruler extremely straight.